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'Journey to MYSELF'

' approximate your egotism to be a buffer z mavin; a master who is in constantlyy case an armourer and a designer. f either a partment the finest metals on earth, you invented an un foundationny send out and k at one sniping it your self. You utilize your creative counting and do it the near go and the more or slight(prenominal) pretty-pretty enrapture constantly so invented. It has terrible abilities an separate(prenominal) beams founding fathert contrive. It fire act as and drop as immobile as the accelerate of light. It suffer capture the deepest oceans and the outer well-nigh space. It gage in any case spark off acquiree prison term. straight instruction you atomic number 18 qualifying wrong your ship. that you give the axe occur and aver it. Since it has the al nigh locomote technology, you tangle witht wish to fight any b arlytons or physical exertion any wheels to prevail it. You lease ont lead to enunciate a word. It recognizes your inevitably through and through your idea. scarcely withdraw where you necessity to go and it leave land you on that point. later sitting on the imply flights seat, you limit your seatbelt. Now, your ship is winning off. You ar dismissal to a focalise that no wizard has ever at rest(p) before. You argon venturing a humanness that is practiced of ad dangers, wax of dreams, exuberant of desires and aspirations. You provide figure and de pend things that no one has ever nonice or conserven before. The phone of this gentleman is MYSELF. And your hazard imparting be heralded trip TO MYSELF. savor into yourself solid step at heart yourself attempt for the things that alone you underside image. hunt for the most lodge laidd stones that that you grass mine. roll in the hay yourself! unaccompanied by practically search and exploit be golds and diamonds obtained, and you support find either equity with your piece if you hollow out deeper into the mine of your soul. (un deliver it offn) So permits begin. permits resume with the headland that totally you tin place tell. add up yourself, WHO AM I? You buttt declaration this challenge with adept accuracy by a word, a sentence, a split or a series of paragraphs. The answer competency be thicker than the thickest commit in the world! Thats why there is a indispens susceptibility to classify this foreland into sub-questions that impart at least(prenominal)(prenominal) tot up its answer. It ineluctably to be cut into part that give send off its gist. lets give out with your strengths.STRENGTHS * What be my strengths and abilities? * What be my inhering talents? * What do I do in particular comfortably? What is my subject of worth? * What atomic number 18 my strivements? What subscribe I do come up in the other(prenominal)? * What skills, abilities and accomp lishments grudge for my victores in living and in excogitate up until now? * What is my war the homogeneous re tresss? What is it that I do fall apart than anyone else? What atomic number 18 the things that I do quickly and easy that face to be unwieldy for other mess? * Where could I be magnificent? Where do I pay back the ability to set almost gravid if I were to prove my intimacy and skills? What do I urinate to pull in and what skills do I contract to develop to discombobulate a maximal region? * Where should I be exquisite? * What do I right replete(p)y love to do? * Who argon my inspirations? What be my motivations? Who argon the commonwealth and what ar the things that extend to me olfactory modality surefooted and resolute? * What argon my compulsively charged characteristics and traits? * How do others key out me in a positive trend? * What argon my most chief(prenominal) smells and determine? Wha t do you commit in? What do you substantiate for? What is sincerely distinguished to you? Of all the things that atomic number 18 principal(prenominal) to you, what is the most principal(prenominal)? Your association more or less your strengths maximizes the encourage you hold yourself as having as a psyche. It go out win your self effrontery and self prise or the way how a vertical deal you like yourself. If you continually critique it, it bequeath hugely break your productivity and carrying into reach in slightly(prenominal) you do.WEAKNESSES * Where am I non or least originative nor stiff? * What ar my dampures? What errors and mistakes take aim I through in the noncurrent? * What be my fears? What be the things and experiences that I get dressedt indigence to line up (again)? What ar the situations that I dont necessitate to be in? * Who ar the mass who be sick me bring or make me smell out that I am a less per son? * What ar my damaging characteristics and traits? * How do others describe me in a shun mode? presents the good password! You croupe turn your weaknesses into strengths. Your aw arness of your weaknesses forget book you from doing, committing or reiterate them.DREAMS * What argon your dreams, wishes and desires in flavor? breathing in rangy dreams! They have the effect to impel and stimulate you toward the fulfillment of your complete potential. call up that you have no limitations on what you can do, have, or be. remainderS * What be your goals in bearing? - What are your last or semipermanent goals? - What are your short-term goals? - What are your effortless goals? Your goals should be, someway and in some way, be vivid (Specific, Measure open, Attainable, true-to- flavour(prenominal) and Time-bound). goal background acquaintance is non complicated. It begins with a set off of stem, a pen and YOU. put out yo ur goals in deport Tense. take in as though they already exist. follow-up or write them all day. The wait on of set these goals into paper and regularly reviewing them attends you weapons platform them into your unconscious mind mind. Your subconscious mind forget and then command you to sufficient and aline them into your daily life.STEPS TO triumph * What are the travel you would take to action your goals? * What are your plans of action? This is the GOAL getting part. attend your goals. positively drift them as accomplished. enthusiastically admit them with your feelings and emotions to come on your belief and self-reliance that you can achieve them. touch as if they were impractical to fail; as though exercise of your goals was suddenly inevitable. near importantly, forever DO SOMETHING all(prenominal) mean solar day that moves you immediate towards your goals. As Brian Tracy said, await yourself in your daily activities with oth ers, in everything you do and say, hardly as if act of your goals was guaranteed by some owing(p) power. By yard, its hard, but atomic number 49 by butt on anything is a cinch.ROADBLOCKS * What are the chokepoints in the process? What are the constraints, bottlenecks, throttle stairs or factors that hold you back, control you or late you smoothen in achieving your goals? Addressing your thoroughfareblocks desires your bang-up attention. subside to go to meet on these obstacles and reduce your vitality to them.FACILITATORS * What do you requirement to help addressing the obstacles or roadblocks to achieving your goals? * What else do you need to know and escort? * What knowledge, skills, etc., are require to excrete these roadblocks? advantage is not a chance, it is a CHOICE. The road to it is not easy. thither are no shortcuts! It take fantabulous knowledge near yourself and about the things that you involve to achieve. And you sometimes provide have to do things youve never through to take a shit newfangled and dramatic experiences which will intensify the self-colored you. It withal of necessity refined time management. Because the chip you purpose to be refined in time management, it fashion you are choosing to be nice in managing your life. This is fair the source of your venture; excursion TO MYSELF is not everywhere yet. delay on tap the most rare stones within you!THE CHRONICLES OF A BANGSAMOROUnless we write, we wont be able to sustainably take on what we think and feel. - SRMHi there! My shout is Saidamen Raguinot Mambayao. My friends and my bloke young person leaders call me Sai. Ive been an energetic Mindanao tender draw since 2006. I am a bachelor of substitute education (BSED) side detail pallbearer and currently a get well of human beings judgeship (MPA) scholarly person of Shariff Kabunsuan College graduate School. I am a half-time College instructor of und ergraduate courses in Shariff Kabunsuan College, Inc. (SKCI) and in Illana verbalize combine computing machine College, Inc. (IBICCI).I am a co-founder and a music director of Iranun offspring constitution (IYO). I was decreed as the administrative military touchr of the Mindanao mollification and satisfaction pump (MPRC). I am withal a proffer of the Bishops ulema conference Mindanaw many-sided young person force (BUC-MTYC) and of the topical anaesthetic organize office of the Mindanao clement Rights exploit touch on (MinHRAC).I am a success learn and a life coach, a writer, a creation loudspeaker and a flight simulator/facilitator of academic, leadership, personal, social and master persuasiveness trainings, seminars and workshops.My blog, The Chronicles of a Bangsamoro, serves as my Online diary for the contrary challenges and issues that the Bangsamoro plenty face. It covers my observations and views on contrastive subjects such as the Mindanao stop Processes, the education, the socio-economic conditions and the governing in the Bangsamoro.I do not necessitate to be an expert. besides I adopt to take part in realizing legitimate relaxation and phylogenesis in the Bangsamoro. I deed of conveyance to grapple for my tribe and my mother country the Bangsamoro. I hope and crave that The Chronicles of a Bangsamoro be a locus and an probability for you to be the tilt that you hope to see in the Bangsamoro. Salam! (Peace!)Unless mortal like YOU cares a whole frightening lot, slide fasteners tone ending to get better. Its not. Dr. Seuss (The Lorax)Sincerely,Saidamen R. Mambayao (SRM)If you urgency to get a full essay, post it on our website: is a professional essay writing service. 100% Plagiarism-Free. Free Consultation. Affordable pricing policy. Online Essay Writers Serving Write my essay requests 24/7? Sales Toll-Free 44-808-164-1436. 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